Names Listed on Kinghorn War Memorial

You will find more information about the men from WW1 on Kinghorn War Memorial in our publication 'Kinghorn Remembers 1914 - 1919'.

Names on Kinghorn War Memorial


Men Who Gave Their Lives In World War I

Peter Abbie

William Gibson

David K. Morris

Alexander Armitage

George Gillespie

John C. D. Morris

Albert Beavis

Alexander Gray

John Thomas Morrison

William Beveridge

James Gray

William Muirhead

Frederick James Brooks

Samuel W. Gray

James Oag

Robert L. Brown

John M. Hepburn

Robert Paterson

Philip Brown

Thomas Hillock

John Rodger

David Chalmers

David Dickie Howie

Archibald Simpson

Adam Syme Collins

William Hunter

Archibald Smith

James G. Cruikshank

Thomas V Hurst

John G. Smith

William S. Davidson

Peter Hutchison

Andrew Thompson

Andrew Davie

Thomas Laing

Alexander Thomson

Frederick Davie

Alexander Swan Leitch

David Tulloch

Peter Godfrey Delahunt

Andrew B. Lilly

George E. Twogood

James Jardine Dobie

David McIlravie

David Watson

William Drysdale

William R. McPherson

Robert Watson

Thomas Easdale

Peter Meldrum

John White

William Farmer

Andrew Morris

Joseph White

John Fleming

Annan Morris, R.H.

David Young

Alexander R. Frew

Annan Morris, A & S.H.

Peter Young


Men Who Gave Their Lives In World War I but were omitted from the War Memorial

Samuel Alexander

J. Doherty

David Tullock

Henry Christie

J. Mitchell

James Wilson

Alfred J. Clarke



Men Who Gave Their Lives In World War II

Stanley Bone

William Henderson

James Sandison

William Clark 

Donald McLeod 

Andrew Smith 

William Cooper 

James McMeiken 

James Thompson 

Thomas Cuthbert 

Alister McNab 

James White 

Alastair Duff 

Albert Palmer 

William Wilson

William Gibson



Men Who Gave Their Lives In the Korean War

John Braid



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